Ramble on truth, ramble on

by maddrunkgenius

Now the truth is, and the truth has to be the truth or else it wouldn’t be truthful. Now the truth is, I’m a liar. I don’t lie all the time, and that’s why I can tell you this now, but I lie most of the time, because lies come more easily than truth and a lie doesn’t have to be false to be a lie. A lie can be a half truth or double truth, or mainly truth, but not truth. Now if I lie to you but I tell you a lie that I told myself first, I thought I told you the truth, but it was really a lie and I didn’t know it. The truth has to be truth to be true, a lie doesn’t have to be a lie to lie. But you’ve got to let it sleep. It’s crazy how that works out, but I think I’m crazy enough to understand it.