Love poetry

by maddrunkgenius

There’s something in me that wants love, I admit, but for whatever reason I haven’t found it. Perhaps I was born without love in mind, but love of the flesh is a love of a kind. Kindly loving I know I can’t do, but I could pretend, say sweet nothings and coo. I do. Will you? Marry me now, and let come what may, as long as we love it will all be okay. I’ll start loving you now, I swear I will. But first I need my little blue pill. Cough, ahem. Roll my eyes. Don’t give me that look or you’ll start to cry. Why? Not. I don’t really care. I can penetrate you with just a stiff stare. There. I’m in. It’s all going as planned. On your back or your knees, it’s all I can stand Okay, I’m done. Now wasn’t that fun? Quit complaining and swallow your tongue. Rape of rapture, freely captured, perhaps you’re ready to try something new? What to do. What indeed? I know what I lack, but what do I need? You my love. As I’ve always said, what you lack in the chest, you make up with your head.