It’s an odd thing, to have so many ideas floating around inside my head. Some good, some bad, some completely nonsensical. Okay, most of them are completely nonsensical. But for all this internal verbosity, almost none of it manages to leave my mind and come out through my mouth or fingers. It just jumbles around within the confines of my head and either dies or drives me mad.

I feel like I’ve got something important to say, or something greatly significant. I feel that way, but I’m probably kidding myself. Most people must feel that way, too. But do they really? Of course not. Who am I to say I’m any different? I’m no one, but in my own mind I’m allowed to tell myself that I’m someone different, someone of worth. A sycophantic voice added to the rest, just more noise.

A sad state of affairs, really. But it could be worse.

My head could be silent, after all. And even when there’s no one else, it’s nice to know that I have myself. A conversation with myself is better than most people get with others.

Or at least that’s what I tell myself.