Heaven is a place free of choice

by maddrunkgenius

Choice is the product of exclusive alternatives. You can either watch television or read a book. You can either listen to Dark Side of the Moon or In the Court of the Crimson King. You can either study for homework or go to a movie. But you either have to give something up, or give up full enjoyment of both. In economics, I guess you’d call this opportunity cost – whatever you do comes at the price of something else.

Paradise is a place without opportunity cost. It’s a place where anything and everything can be done without sacrificing anything else.

In discussing this idea with a friend, he said it sounded static. As in time never moved forward, heaven was a perpetual instant of joy or whatever. Even if that were true (and of course, if my idea of heaven is true [or it exists]) I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. If we have a consciousness now that works forward, could we not have a consciousness in heaven that could enjoy a perpetual instant?

God doesn’t experience time, does he? A creator that is outside the bounds of reality itself is sitting back and looking down, forever himself and never changing. He interacts with us on the timeline as he sees fit (or he doesn’t, this isn’t a persuasive argument, understand). But when he does, he is still in his own time, one that is neither forward nor backward, but perpetual.

God can do all things in his perpetual moment and should there be a heaven for us, this is what we will find.