mad drunk genius

I used to have all sorts of problems. Now there's just the one.

The story of the kinky girl who wasn’t

For a very long time there was a rumor about a particular girl who had done a particularly disgusting thing to her then boyfriend because he had asked her to do it. What it was isn’t important, and if I mention the specifics, I fear those of you out there not reading this will immediately know of whom I speak.

Suffice to say, this rumor became quite popular, not in the least because this girl was quite popular herself. People wanted to believe and because the rumor came from a trustworthy (and popular) source, people did believe.

I am just a common man, and I admit freely that I believed freely. I did so because it was a good belief, a pleasant one, and I wanted it to be true. Years passed, but it stayed in my mind as the truth.

Then one day I came to discover (in one way or another, I remember not how) that this rumor was an utter fabrication. I was crushed.

The same happened with a popular boy who had the reputation of doing a shameful thing on more than one occasion. This also proved itself false, but until this came to light, I believed like a zealot that it was true.

I believed what I wanted to believe.

And though I know in my head that the truth is not my truth, my truth has stayed in my heart, and I shall go to my grave believing in it.

The girl licked a fellow’s asshole, and the boy took advantage of drunk girls at parties. Those who know, know, and will agree that these pleasant lies and worth fooling oneself over. Those who do not know, do now, and this revelation is hardly better than ignorance.

The nature of religious debate

Let me tell you a truth:

a = a.

Let me prove this truth to you:

a = a, therefore, a = a because a = a.

Circular logic is infallible, no?

Behold! the firesnake slithers

With a grace and revolting cunning the serpent of the flames worms its way toward me and I look on with horror, recoil with amazement, turn away with curiosity. The firesnake is at my feet now, though I dare not look upon it.

“What are you doing, boy?” says it, and I cannot respond, mustn’t respond, will not respond.

“I am recoiling with amazement,” I answer, “For if I do not acknowledge your existence, you will not exist in my reality.”

“Such is the natural state of Man,” the firesnake curses with disgust, “To close his eyes and believe the rest of the world has gone blind.”

And off it goes.