Let me tell you a tale like none you have ever heard

by maddrunkgenius

Crawling toward the darkening horizon on bent knee, the gopher tribe roars a plea to the Great Tree standing upright before them against the fiery sky, seemingly waiting to hear all pleas and answer them promptly. But the only response the gophers receive is the wind, and the tribe rushes the Great Tree in a rage, demanding an answer.

Up the trunk they scurry. “What is the reason for our suffering,” they cry with breathless wonder. “Why must our lot be pain and death?”

The Great Tree shakes its limbs and the gophers fall to the ground in mounds of furry flesh.

“You suffer because life is an absolute,” speaks the Great Tree, “And your words are mere contrivances.”

Then the Great Tree flies away into the night sky to join the stars, and the gophers look on for hours in a daze.