Illegal Immigration

by maddrunkgenius

I wrote a letter to the paper about the subject of immigration and how the debate over it is heating up, but I’ll spare you it. It wasn’t particularly well written and with any luck it won’t be published. Anyway. [Note: It was & included a factual error.]

This is the reason I sent something in. I had started to think about it thanks to a protest that went on during my work, but that myspace page and blog is what actually gave me motivation to do something.

I knew that guy when I was a kid, less during high school but we were on familiar if not amiable terms during that as well. The guy is rich, filthy fucking rich, but don’t take this as jealousy. Of course I wish I had more money, but whatever feelings of dislike I ever had were mainly focused on his personality flaws. And now this.

I know most of the internet is lazy, so it’s probably you didn’t click that link (just like you’re probably not reading this). It’s basically a mouthpiece for the far-right on a bunch of different issues, the current one being illegal immigration. There’s no actual writing going on there, just copy and pasting of news items written in such a fashion as to be little more than propaganda. The fact that it’s unoriginal propaganda makes it doubly a sin.

I’m not a liberal, even though I am further to the left than a lot of people around me, and apparently further to the left than that fellow. I’m a moderate if I’m anything and all I think that means is that I can admit that there are valid viewpoints on both sides of the political spectrum about most issues.

In the case of illegal immigration, you can’t just categorically say it’s bad. It’s not a black and white issue, even though laws have to be by their nature. Illegals do all kinds of terrible demeaning jobs for sub-minimum wage for a good reason. It’s not like they do them so they have a chance to ruin America.

“Muhwahaha, by washing dishes for $3.50 an hour and sending most of my money back to my family in Mexico, I can wreck the American economy by siphoning money away from it. Muhwahaha”

Illegals do a lot of terrible work ol’ “[XXXXX]” would never stoop to do, and they suffer under conditions he never has and never will have to. Do I kid myself that I’m much better in that respect? Of course not. I’m absolutely loaded compared to them. But I think it’s okay to be sympathetic with something you don’t agree with, and I think it’s possible to have compassion for illegals even if you think they are causing some great harm to America. And honestly, there’s more racism going on here than actual political beliefs.

Now, perhaps even more sad than what my old somewhat friend said are the number of people agreeing with him. Some are just right-wingers whose job it is to be crazy, but the number of ignorant people who take that stuff at face value is just mind boggling. The same amount do it for ridiculous liberal nonsense, but for all of the “Sheeple” pictures people use as comments on that page, are they all blind to the hypocrisy of its use?

My guess? Probably.