The internet is for…

by maddrunkgenius

The internet grants all kinds of superpowers, you know. And I mean beyond like playing video games and such. Everyone is given the ability to teleport all over the planet to find information, to go anywhere in the blink of an eye, or at least in the blink of a few minutes for those poor 56kbps-ers still out there. Still, it’s significantly better than traveling the whole world by physical means.

For a lucky few, omnipotence is granted. Those with complete dominion over their website, or admins of forums who can ban and change reality itself at will. They control past, present, and future, pesky Wayback Machine and server costs aside.

But all of us have perhaps the two most important abilities, those being invisibility and shapeshifting. To be invisible is to lurk, to watch and say nothing. It is to silently stalk, although using invisibility in that way seems pretty petty.

Not that shapeshifting is any better, mind you, but it is much more dynamic. The juggling act of new creation and yet maintaining separation and distinction between multiple identities is not an easy task. Its still petty and childish, but on an egotistical level, immensely entertaining and rewarding.

“These people think I am someone I am not…”

“These people believe that this is a real person.”

There’s an implied superiority to it all, and everyone likes to feel that. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the game, and terrible to play it out too much, but as far as it matters to them, there’s no difference whether everyone they meet is the same person or all genuine human beings.

The internet is the perfect solipsistic device because so little of perception can be measured by or compared to anyone else. There can be very little trust, just a great deal of faith. Blessed be the faithful, but woe to the gullible. The internet is for porn… and for lying.