A Familiar Dialogue

by maddrunkgenius

You’re a failure with women.


Because you have no confidence.

That’s not true. I have plenty of confidence.

It’s a put on, but that’s not the kind of confidence I’m talking about. I mean confidence with women.

Hey, I get along with women well. I can talk and flirt with the best of them. I’ve had a few girls throw themselves at me, even. Not a lot, but a few.

And then what?

What do you mean “then what”?

I mean, what happens when they throw themselves at you? What happens after that?

Exactly. You don’t do anything. Or you backpeddle. Or you disappear. Whatever it takes to escape the relationship. Why? Because you’re a coward.

That’s not fair.

Who ever said the truth had to be fair? You’re a coward and regardless of the circumstances, you need to hear it.

I’m just too selfish for a woman. All the relationships I’ve had with other people -of all kinds- have ended badly. What would be the point of adding more?

Because almost all relationships end, you dolt! And when they do, a lot of the time they aren’t pleasant. But if you avoid them just because of that, you’ll never have any kind of social interaction.

So? Wouldn’t be so bad.

You’re hopeless. You’re utterly hopeless.

And you’re worthless.

Take a look in the mirror.