Got no sleep, didn’t wake up

by maddrunkgenius

If that seems like it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t. But what happened was I had a real case of insomnia and despite my best efforts, couldn’t go to sleep all night. I went to sleep in a chair about 8 am, and then slept until about 11:15, missing church.

And the week seems so empty without church, for some reason. It’d be nice if there was something intensely spiritual I was missing, but that’s not what it is.

Part of it is that it’s like a counter, kind of. It’s the one thing I do once a week, and let’s me know “there’s another week of my life passed”. My days and nights are screwed up as it is, but my ability to know time is passing remains intact as long as I go to church on Sundays.

The other part I guess is being with other people and getting to experience that social phenomenon where everyone is happy to be in the same place and seeing you. A lot of it is psychological, and I think that’s why almost all churches or like-minded gatherings can provide something beneficial in that way.

You can’t get the spiritual benefit from just going through the motions, however. That takes conviction and genuine belief. You can get that most anywhere, too, but unless the beliefs are true, I suppose the spiritual benefits are just psychological, too. Some people will hold that they’re all psychological. Maybe they’re right, but better to be psychologically satisfied with an illusion than unhappy with reality.