Weird event I got reminded of recently.

by maddrunkgenius

During the days that I worked at a convenience store, there was a night where a girl who worked at the nearby Taco Villa was at the payphone, talking to her boyfriend, from what I could gather and remember. She was on the phone with him for over an hour and a half, and I caught snippets of her conversation with him as I shut down the car wash, cleaned the bathrooms, and took out the trash as I closed the store. I think he had started drinking or doing some kind of drug after promising her he wouldn’t, but I’m not even sure about that.

I can’t remember the specifics now, and I don’t really suppose they’re important. She was crying, shouting, slumping down and moaning/pleading. The most dejected person I’ve seen in my life, and she was this way for an hour and a half.

I checked on her several times, asking her if she was okay or needed anything. She told me no,  that she was fine, but I asked several more times anyway. It was awkward, but she wasn’t upset with me for it. She was just preoccupied with whoever she was talking to.

When I left, I asked her if she needed a ride somewhere, but she told me she didn’t and so I got in my car and drove off.

There’s no insight, no closure, no definitive purpose to what transpired, just an odd event that found its way back into my head.