Second dream journal entry

by maddrunkgenius

I guess I forgot to write my dreams down the past couple of nights or maybe I didn’t have any. Either way, I had the same dream again tonight.

I was riding on a horse down a path into a valley. The path behind me was hidden behind the bend of the hills, and in front of me there was nothing but grass and bushes and trees. I saw a girl sitting beside the path on a fallen tree limb. She was very fair with red hair and  green eyes like the valley. We looked at one another and then…

Something happened. She was riding my horse and I was walking along side her and we were talking. I don’t think she was speaking English, but she was telling me she loved me, and I was saying the same back. She stopped the horse and leaned over to say something in my ear, but I didn’t hear what. I woke up and tried to go back to sleep and finish the dream but I couldn’t.