I am addicted to crack

by maddrunkgenius

When I say crack, I don’t mean the drug, but you should have figured that out without having to even click this. I actually mean crack as in the physical feature, that is on women. Now I don’t mean like a nude ass or anything. That’s a completely different subject i.e. nude women, and that requires no further explanation But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about plumber’s crack on women. Specifically skinny women, but occasionally larger girls have the same effect.

It’s been like this since at least junior high. So as long as I’ve been attracted to girls, I’ve been hooked on crack. High school escalated the problem because by then, uniforms were no longer required and many girls either wore thongs or no panties at all, and had hip hugging pants/shorts/skirts matched with short, untucked shirts. So I got to see a lot of it.

I would look over and see a girl sitting down, bottom of her shirt about three inches from the top of her pants, and in between the start of that magical line separating one bun from the other. Sometimes underwear was involved, but it was really special when there wasn’t.

I bring this up because today, someone was sitting away from me (a cute[ish] girl), and I had a clear view of her crack. What was my first response?

“All right.”

Imagine that said with a kind of subdued enthusiasm. That was the tone in my head. Anyway, I kept stealing glances over there all class, and I really couldn’t help myself.

Look, there’s porn all over the internet if I wanted it. There are girls walking around in skirts so short, I feel like an amateur gynecologist. But I don’t care about that, I want crack.

Explain to me why I find women’s crack attractive at all. Explain it to me, because I have no idea why it is, just that it is.