Oh! Darling

I never meant you hurt you, really I didn’t, but I love you, and you know what we always do to lovers.

Yes, yes. I’d rather it was a ring around your finger, too, but your eye will heal up soon. It doesn’t even look that bad. Darling, I was drunk and stupid.

Okay, so I’m always stupid, but you know that sober I’d never

Well that time I’d had a rough day. Then I came home and you started complaining… You shouldn’t have nagged me.

No, I’m not saying it was your fault. Look, I’m terrible. I know that. But I love you. I need you.

Don’t say that. I know you can get by by yourself, but don’t say that. I-I

Oh darling, please don’t go. Come on, I’ll be better. It’ll never happen again, I swear to God it won’t. Just stay here with me and we’ll work it out. We can make it work together. Whatever you need, just tell me.

I need you! I can’t do anything without you. I-I-I

Never again, please. Never again. Never ever.

I’ll never fail you again, I promise, I promise, I promise. I never meant for this to happen