The Goddess Bunny

by maddrunkgenius

If you’ve never seen it before, you probably don’t want to start now but I include the link for the sake of you courageous fools who don’t know better than to stop your curiosity from getting the best of you.

Click not ye who fear such things!

There’s a longer video, but that’s more than enough. Believe me. Some people (literally) get panic attacks from this.

Anyway, it reminded me of something in robotics/computer generated imagery called the uncanny vally.

Don’t worry, it’s just a wikipedia article.

Someone apparently had the same thought as I because in my opinion, what makes the Goddess Bunny so disturbing is that the body shape, movements, and gender confusion create something that you know to be human but that is far enough away as to be utterly disorienting and frightening. I don’t know where in the uncanny valley this fellow falls, but mein Gott, that’s frightening.

If you came upon a bloody corpse, I think your mind could handle it fairly well (other emotional aspects notwithstanding). It’s no longer human, it’s a rotting, dead thing. A skeleton is just bones. But someone who’s slightly bloated in the sun? Same thing.

The Goddess Bunny is incredibly… not necessarily terrifying, but really disgusting because he (yes, it is a he) is so unnatural. But you’re telling yourself that he’s human. Going the other way, robots and dolls freak us out when they get a certain point of realness to them because we see all of these characteristics that look right, then there’s all of this other stuff that’s just wrong, you know?

I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff on the internet but at a certain point, I think it just gets so bizarre and disgusting that it has no effect. This on the other hand, is still close enough to normality that it evokes a very powerful response from whoever watches it.