False alarm

by maddrunkgenius

School set off the fire alarms in the dorms around 11 pm. Insomniac by choice though I may be, tonight I chose to get some sleep early. Unfortunately, after being forced to get up and rush out into the cold night, I was no longer in a sleeping mood.

Apparently I would have been fined for staying inside and treating it like the test it was, but luckily I was smart enough to get properly dressed and grab my wallet, cell phone, etc, before I left, figuring that’s what it was.

I walked over to McDonalds instead of waiting to be let back in, walked through the drive through since that was all that was open. Food was all right.

Walked back to the dorms, everyone was already inside so I went in, too. Couldn’t go back to sleep.

Next time there’ll be a real fire and I’ll sleep through it, I bet.