Banana library

Green banana man, why so sad? Or lost you are to rot and decay? I may just believe, or have faith in all things wide and deep and clean and spectacular.

See, Spiderman is a wonderful superhero, the most human of all because he has real problems and I can relate. Tough to keep up school or maintain relationships when you have to save the world.

I think I’d rather just sleep in, let the rest of it burn. If I was a musician, I’d play my fiddle, but that might get me done in by the Praetorian Guard. The legions make or break an emperor, you know.

I ought to read more, really. The internet is a wealth of knowledge, but even the most learned man is humbled standing in a decently stocked library. There’s just books and books and books and in them, knowledge more than one mind could possibly comprehend. The sum total of human experience, memory, and vision and it’s everywhere and I’ll never know it. Most people never care to know it, but having to look my own ignorance in the face makes me want to jump screaming from the third floor window the books are housed.

Why so sad, banana man? Too much to know and you’ll rot ere you can.