Humans rock harder

Ignore the Linkin Park music and just watch the video. Good clips of a jaguar wrecking shit. It’s a killing machine. Strong, fast, smart, agile. Everything you would want in designing an efficient killer.

And yet, we’re better.

Watching the video reminded me of the opening section of the book 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke. The not-quite-humans of Africa are living an existence of extreme poverty in terms of not only their possessions, but their successes and future prospects. The jaguar stalks them and takes any of them at will. The not-quite-humans are smaller than gorillas and have much less strength, but don’t have the agility of monkeys, and have no natural defenses. They are at the total mercy of that efficient, brutal jaguar.

Then the obelisks come and one group is altered to be successful. They get smarter. They use bones and stone and wood and they kill. They even kill jaguars.

We as human beings are the greatest species to ever live on the planet earth. In the history of the earth, I don’t think there has ever been a creature to dominate its surroundings so totally as we do. We have no fur, weak eyes and ears, little strength or natural weapons. But we have brains and we know how to kill better than anything else. Consciously, we can destroy more efficiently than anything that has ever lived.

Jaguars rock, but they’d go extinct if we wanted them to. They’d go extinct if we didn’t want them to continue living, actually. Efficient predator that it is, we’re better, qualitatively better.

Jaguars rock, but humans rock harder.