Fire alarm, round five (or six?)

by maddrunkgenius

Okay, so last night the fire alarm goes off again. Just like before, I and most people expect nothing to be truly wrong and I’m sure to dress warmly, expecting another half hour out in the cold while the police and RAs took their sweet time to turn it off and let everyone back in. However, this time I discovered that that was not the case.

Apparently someone on the second floor used their lighter to set off the sprinklers, which in turn set off the fire alarm. However, on the second floor, so much water came out that the hallways and a lot of the rooms were flooded. I am on the first floor, and some of those rooms were damaged too, however mine escaped this fate. Not that I knew this for some time.

So it’s about 3:30 am and we’re told to go to the other dorms for a while, find a friend’s place to go stay at, or just sit in one of the various lounges. I tailed one of my friends and just went with him because he’s on the baseball team and knows more people than I do. Another baseball player with him remembered that one of their friends lives on the third floor and we all went up there to see if we could stay and watch television. We weren’t sure we were at the right place, so the other friend called to confirm it was the right room, but neither of the occupants were actually there. Luckily, the room was still unlocked. Unfortunately, nothing was on cable television and the room smelled awful with rotting junkfood and sodas everywhere. After ten or fifteen minutes of watching ESPN and some minor presentation ceremony for college football awards, we went over to the lounge and hung out watching the firetrucks out the window.

Why did they send in firetrucks to take care of a flood? I don’t know.

We talked about yo-yos, pogs, how we never understood the rules of pogs despite having some. Classes. We were very bored and had nothing at all to do.

FInally the firetrucks started pulling away so the three of us left the lounge and went downstairs to see if we could get back in our rooms for the night and get a few more hours of sleep.

However, when we got back downstairs and outside, the RAs told us that no one could go back to our rooms. Our options were to either go back to the other dorms and try to stay with a friend, or we could go to the old dorms everyone moved out of at the beginning of the year. This is where I had started, coincidentally. It’s not bad, but 40 years old is 40 years old.

Anyway, that was the selection we made and the three of us drove over there in the other friend’s truck because by now, it had started sleeting. Good times.

We got over there and and my friend and I went over to the television room (big screen, reasonably nice) and someone was watching HBO. The movie on was Internal Affairs with Richard Gere and Andy Garcia, although I needed the use of to figure that out. Not a very interesting movie, at least not when you only catch the tail end of it. Friend’s friend decided to try to sleep, but of course he had to do it on mattresses with just a mattress cover, no sheets or pillows. Needless to say, this did not work out for him.

After a while (4:30 I guess) the RAs said they could temporarily let people back into their rooms to get a few necessities. One of the guys had gothis Xbox 360. We played Call of Duty III until about 7:30 and then everyone had to go take their first final or just went to breakfast.

I won 3 out of the five matches with my friend as the allies. Which made me feel good because I’ve never played the 360 before.

By nine am the first and third floors were allowed back in.

Good times, good times.