I had a dream about Dakota Fanning last night

by maddrunkgenius

It was weird. Someone kidnapped her and took her to a nearly abandoned town in West Texas that had some hidden underground complex hiding her. It was kind of a mix of Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid, I guess would be the best way to describe the reality of the dream.

I can’t really remember all of it, only that it employed some horror, some intrigue, some surprise allies (a big guy, mechanic, I think). In the end, there was some kind of confrontation and we found her and it was time to go home.

This is the end of the first half of my dream.

In the second half, I discovered that more time had passed while I was gone than I had actually experienced. In the meantime, aliens had conquered the earth and taken the humans that were still alive as servants. My home was occupied by a human servant who was worried because her master was coming home and some my friends (who I do not believe were with me before but somehow arrived without me finding anything odd about them being there) told me we should leave, so we started to. However, then one of the aliens came through the door (with a poodle) and the human servant rushed over to take care of it. My friends and I were hidden, but I wasn’t hidden very well, and the alien spotted me, so I rushed over to it, grabbed it around the neck and slit its throat.

These aliens were milky white and their insides were kind of a milky white goo, but apparently you had to kill them by getting the cognitive portion of their bodies in one section, then cut it off from the rest. What I had done would disable it, but it would survive. So we still needed to flee.

We all got in our various cars and trucks and such and drove away. I was riding on the back of motorcycle along with two other people, and we were being pursued by human lackeys in traditional cars. Typical hollywood carchase through a nearby neighborhood followed. I bailed out when it was clear I was slowing down the motorcycle and preventing them from escaping.

I had been looking for my lost love, wondering if she had survived the worldwide holocaust and what had become of her. I wandered around for a bit, when I saw a band of humans in between some buildings and I ran over to them.

Of course she was with them, and I found her and hugged her and told her I was happy just to know she was alive. She expressed similar sentiments while I held her.

Suddenly, a machine appeared behind us, knocking a building out of the way and pointed something in the direction of band who all began to run except for the two of us. I asked her what it was and she said it was a weapon.

“It erases you from the past, present, and future,” she said, “It makes it so that you never existed. This is what they used on the people who fought back when they took over the earth, but no one can remember who they killed.”

As she said this, in my head I imagined the fabric of reality (green, the fabric of reality looks green) being melted and holes appearing in it like a roll of film. And across every frame holes were burned into each spot covering someone’s body, as I imagined it, my body.

Then I looked at her and back at the beam and it washed over us.

Then I woke up.