One time I went out to my shed and found a mouse in a plastic barrel

by maddrunkgenius

It was dead. Like, very dead. It looked fat but only because all its flesh had disintegrated right off and the fur was spread out on top of the bones.

It must have been there a long time because I don’t think anything ate it. Maybe maggots, but I’m not even sure of that. The sides were too slippery even for ants to get in and out, which was the problem for the mouse in the first place.

A few months later, I came across this website:


And remembering this occurrence of mine, I decided to make my own device using the plastic barrel from my tool shed. It looked kind of silly sitting in the house and was hard to explain to people when they came over, but after a few weeks, I finally caught one.

I left it in there for a couple of days to wear it down some, then, when I could reach in without having to worry about it scampering up my arm, I got one of my box turtles from out of the backyard and put it in with the mouse.

Box turtles are omnivores. Really, they eat just about anything. But they love eating live stuff like worms and cockroaches. They’ll eat live birds if they can catch them, but usually they have to make due to with dead ones.

Anyway, I’d fed my turtles mice caught in mousetraps before, but this was the first time they’d had a chance at a live one. Believe it or not, the mouse actually woke up and started running around some, but there wasn’t much place to go and it wore out quick. The turtle ripped open its stomach, and I think the mouse actually bled to death.

A few hours later I checked back in on the two of them and the turtle was just crawling around the edge, so I figured it was full. I took it out and dropped what was left of the mouse in between two more turtles to let them fight over it. The one that lost grabbed a piece of the mouse and ran off with it while the other one ate where it was.

I caught a few more mice over the next several months, drowned one with bleach, spun another around in the bottom of the bucket real fast, nailed its tail to a wooden board. That sort of thing. I stopped once I went off to college because my roommates thought it was weird, and our dorm didn’t have any mice anyhow.