I fell in love with a girl at Whataburger

by maddrunkgenius

I just left a bar, and was fairly drunk, so I guess I was feeling less restrained than usual, but when I walked up to the counter, she didn’t even see me, and started to drink something from a cup as if she were on break, then apologized profusely when she saw I was there.

I’m not sure where she was from originally, maybe the Middle East, but her English wasn’t natural and endeared me to her immediately.

For the sake of hearing more words pass her lips, I asked her where the music came from (a CD, the radio, or corporate), and she said she didn’t know and asked her supervisor.

I listened to the answer, and sat down at a booth, and as several of the workers kept talking about it, she sat down at a booth near me. I listened to their conversation but didn’t offer anything or comment.

After a minute or two, my food came, and I stood up to leave, but when I got to the door, the girl said, “Have a good night.”

I stopped, door half open, and said, “You, too, you beautiful thing. The world is better with you in it than it would be otherwise, and I love you.” And walked out to my car and left.

I meant it, in that moment, but I can’t help but think it’s going to be awkward the next time I go in there.