If women had no rights and legally existed solely to please men and bear children

by maddrunkgenius

I’d be totally okay with that.

Some men would be in charge of keeping them healthy enough to look attractive, some men would have to raise children, and the rest of us could get our rocks off and enjoy our lives as was intended.

We wouldn’t have to teach them how to read or talk, so as long as we fed them and they enjoyed some sexual pleasure, they’d have good lives until they got too old and we had to put them down.

After the first generation. They wouldn’t be able to conceive of anything else but the lives they had, so they wouldn’t feel at all unsatisfied unless their physical needs weren’t being met. It would actually be kind of rewarding.

The worst problem would be keeping them from pissing on you when you were fucking them.

You wouldn’t even have to drug them. Do you need to drug your dogs or your sheep to keep them doing what they’re supposed to?

Think about the feral girl who was strapped to a toilet for seven years. She was gross, but liberty, sorority, equality, never would have crossed her mind in a million years.

You take them young enough to teach them manners, but keep language from them and train them to start being sexual receptacles from the time they’re, I don’t know, five or six, so that by the time they hit puberty, they’re fully trained and house broken.

I don’t think anyone should be allowed to live with one, though, because then a person might try to teach them things, but a centralized location for fucking and breeding seems prudent. I’m not settled on this, because what’s the point of even having a pet if you can’t come home to it?

It would be hard going taking the people-women at first, because we’d have to put down the menopausal women right off, and some men wouldn’t like that happening to their wives of 30 or 50 years. (In a Darwinian sense, women don’t really serve a purpose after they become infertile, anyway.)

But once you got passed that first generation, then men wouldn’t expect to fall in love with (domesticated)-women, either. Like the Greeks or some African tribes, they’d fall in love with men (emotionally, not physically), and sex and reproduction would be confined to women, who I think would best be kept in stables where they could be fed, run, and easily cleaned up after.

Remember, they aren’t feral. They aren’t thrown into the wilderness as infants. They’re raised and nurtured in a special way for a specific purpose. They’re domesticated, like dogs that can’t wait for you to get there so they can rub up against your leg and have you stroke their bellies.

Women are pretty, good for fucking, and necessary for the continuance of the human race. We don’t need them for housekeeping, child-rearing, or anything else any more because we have sufficient automation and excess of labor to let men do these things, and we can do them better as we have and continue to prove.

And men will be freer to find and achieve our human destiny of getting off this planet.