Nothing drives me wild like redheads

by maddrunkgenius

Except blondes. And brunettes. And girls with hair jet black or gray or white or any unnatural dye. And I love clear, pale skin. And freckles and tattoos. And dark, perfect tans. And tan lines. Oh, if I had a choice, I’d want a girl with eyes green like emeralds, but I like girls with eyes blue like the sky best, and all I really want is my brown-eyed girl.

I like girls white and Asian, Mexican, Injun, Arabic, Persian, Slavic, Mediterranean. I want a pure Nubian princess, but I really want a girl of mixed blood.

I like my girls skinny, almost anorexic. I like to see the skin go over the ribs, but I like a girl with curves better, the hourglass figure, almost as much as a girl with a bit of a pooch, or more. And there’s nothing like an athletic girl with muscles sculpted perfect like marble to drive me mad.

I like them best 17 or 27, 7 or 48. I like them young and naive or cunning and sure. I like having to take it slow and teach them everything, I like it when they teach me something new. I like it when they first turn wild for it, I like it when they know exactly what they want and don’t bother pretending anything else. I like being the first to have a girl and being the latest. I like it when she gets hers first and then is tired of it and knows just what to do to make me finish and how to do it so there ain’t no use at all in fighting it. I like my mouth on a nipple like a baby trying for milk and I like the the coos that escape her mouth near like a baby, too.

I like them shaved and trimmed and bald and hairy, cleaned and washed or after a full day’s sweat, and I like them bleeding (with a towel down if it’s my place; anywhere if it’s hers). And I like every shape and fold because it’s as individual as each of them.

I like the satisfaction of desire, and I like the thwarting of desire, and I love the desire itself for what it is.

Give them all to me! I’m famished. I just want to look, to taste, to nibble, just to gorge.