Goddamn! I get sicker and sicker each day. Head keeps on rottin out.

by maddrunkgenius

So welcome to the edge of fantasy, where the skies are gold and the brains wet. My neck is stitched up with murder but well-weaved. Not a vampire but the wolf, man. Dude, dont wander far from the rotting beach. The servant’s son had already washed away. But he was stillborn, legally anyway.

Susie, I’m sorry. It’s not enough to say, but there’s nothing to do anymore. Certainly no Casanova. We sent them all away to the East.

Burritos make quite the passing fancy. So please, let me pass that way at some soon time. But truly, someone once a charmer was relegated to the rubbish heap, where donkeys shit and dogs vomit but never return.

Whim, women, lust mustnt interject between genius. Ambition cant be ambitious enough. (No, stay off the back of my leg, you fag.) Well I can understand. The Catholic unplucked eyebrows make me wary of centralized religion. I’ll continue to worship at the high places as I please.

Dreadful fornicator vacationing to escape the vatican’s lard lease. The aged cheese has known many a lonesome widow, seventh virgin of seven virgins. Paprika does make the steamship sail all the quicker. (She is old but rather portly.) My necklace is made of pearls, but my girl, she love the oysters to wear. Oy! Viddy viddy.

Nothing irraational about a little paranoia. So then I’ll just stay awake forever, keep my eyes out for USA.GOV (Propaganda is a fine Checkov’s Gun).

Hey now, my doll, unloose your dress unless you think it’d be more fun to keep it on.

At the university I discovered I was not the person anyone thought I was. I was of course a charlatan, a fake playing queer for all pretty little dear things running near my feet. Until then, I lost my whole and very mind.I’ve loved you hopelessly for years. ‘Too big to fail’? Then why does my dick go flaccid?
——Usually I’m not into softcore porn, but I cant get it up so it’s appropriate.
Ah, but I’m absolutely mad about everything woman.
——Oh yeah, how the skin does peel off the scalp and scrotum.
——’I’m scared to death of dying.’ ‘Does the pope have a balcony?’ I fear the cardinal is indirect.
——Come now! Let’s ride together without much saddle and no stirrups.
——Take care of me for us. (My how the wind’s picked up!)
——And so we’ll set sail and leave behind the land of our folly unfortunate. Have no aversion.
The emperor Trajan fucked little boys for fun, and Dante still gave him a straight ticket to Paradise.

Nothing done is shameful. Regrettable (errata, Franklin called it) but if it happened, let it be admitted. And if we punish people for what they’ve done, so be it, but not because we’re shocked (shocked) and say we are.

D would fuck me in a heartbeat… :shiver:

Heartbeat be all itd take, one shiver. Wouldnt feel but one heartbeat and a cummin on yer tummy. (Funny)

——My hands are too cold to write very well. Or draw words well, more like. So my thumb (numb) do its best to hold the pen, then all the other fingers ‘cept the index do they best to keep out the way.
——Even the sunshine dont brighten up me day.
——Ain’t no sunshine left me here. But I keep on keepin on.
——Masterful. In complete command of his pitching. Filthy stuff. Is anyone really surprised by the outcome of this? Leadbelly got a stomach full of metal. Well, she’s awful cute, like a fairy, which is what she’ll be for Halloween, tho it aint my favorite holiday.

Sandwhich? Sand this. Dressed to sell the corporation.

Green pencil, faded, leadless. Left (found) by side of road. What are you? How long you been there?Big 18-wheeler makes car shake in its windy wake.

Pretty orange rock got million-year striations. (But I cant hit the sign for anything.)’If I get pricked I’m gonna go ahead and scream.’

They’re used to Americans and what we’re after: sex, liquor, and dentistry.I’m a tourist. Why should I pretend to be any different? Except I’m not so excited to be here as I might be.

Yellow-shirted Mexi-mullet with upturned boot-toe.’Hot Damn Chili.’

Children can be entertained by the same thing, over and over.

The truck is a nail driven into top of hill, stopping time (I dream).Oh yeah, the ambiance. Like space techno.

Keep the father-son straw table off my pants, you fucker.Indian girl with pony tail, strong neck, good face. Sharp teeth at edges.

‘I think you’re really going to enjoy camping.’Dying slowly, the he that was him is long dead now.

Lovely sort of poetry, talking.Boy’s hair’s too long, but his daddy dont care (he got Jesus).

I want to make curls more than sense.

My lack of control over the universe and time makes me want to vomit.

Lonely mariachi sits on street bench, playing trumpet softly.Gusty winds may exist.

Have a good life.The continental breakfast is the shittiest of all breakfasts.

‘Boiling clouds of a summer thunderstorm.’Looks like (a lot) of cheap concrete.

‘My cerebral cortex orgasmed.’Oh you my darling. Oh you my doll, you drive me wild.

——Lovely, lady, laudatory woman.

The only thing Injuns produce these days is sorrow.

‘I went outside to check on you, opened the door, and you were there. I asked, “You all right?” You said, “No,” and passed out on the bed.Hipsters at the Grand Canyon.

——’Look at the gorge. Look how deep it is.’

If you go to an expensive place and buy cheaply, you waste all of your money. Enjoy yourself. Take what pleases you as it comes. The money you spend is an investment in your future evening (and nostalgia.)

I got absolutely no class. (And dont know how to eat sushi.)

Ho ho! Drunk and looking at things.

Well black lights (what do you know?).

Because I’m drunk and life is beautiful. I mean, aint it? (Aint it just?)I dont care if I fart. I’m drunk.

I dont mind where my head cranes. Let’s go git with folk and interact.

——There’s no going back. Only forward.

That bartender got a skirt and I do love the way it go up her leg.

There are four lights! Many, many people taking pictures.

——Tee hee, gay bearded gents.

I still havent come to terms with the fact ODB is dead.

——Pouty blonde ponytail, tight black pants.

How long, Lord, how long will you let the sun oppress me?

——Hey lady in yer walker! How come you come downhill when you knew you was gonna
——have to head back up?

‘Because they left me to rot.’

All Asians I see remind me of another Asian I know.

When I hear other accents, I lapse into my own more thoroughly.
——’When I come back here I’m going to bring a bottle of wine and float down the river… ‘
——The handrail wrapped in leather.
Indian man carved into canyon wall.

——Phoenix got a halo. Somethin bout it put me ill at east. Just wanna drive thru it,
——be done with it.

Hey you cylinder of gray speed! Why you cut thru the blue/white sky and leave us down here below the haze?

Oftentimes the right decision made hesitantly is a worse mistake than the wrong decision made surely .Dang bee was buzzin me.

Look before you leap, but once you’ve seen, jump. Shelly too old to suck her thumb and that’s why it turn me on so. (That and the flash a her pink panties under red dress.)

Goddamn! I get sicker and sicker each day. Head keeps on rottin out.
——Dead, dead, dead. The Injuns would be dyin but they’re dead already, first nations or no.
——Ya, ya, her skinny legs got no meat so I want em.
——’Olives, buncha olives. That’s what makes a sandwich. … Cut ‘er in half and wrap ‘er up sepret.’
I have it on good authority.

Really there is no struggle.
——The real mystery is why anyone cares.
Moving out the flood plain.
——Personally, I blame the downturn.
Lefty in the painted desert.
——The naval service deserves respect.
Drink well, dolores.
——Surprise! The sun is risen yet again. Tomorrow who can say?
Choco milk is fun! Milking cartoon cardboard cows is fun!

Have you ever done this, Javier?