I dont mind miscommunication, really

by maddrunkgenius

He caught me at Starbucks reading the Bible and said, Wouldnt it be nice if everyone had inherent telepathy, not reading minds, you see, but being able to send a thought completely and be understood completely. Exactly, not approximately. He did also think it’d change the economy and all sort of stuff, but I didnt agree with that at all and mainly didnt agree inherent telepathy would be all that nice, the death of misunderstandings at least.

All of our abstractions and approximations of language developed ’cause we dont know really what anybody else is thinking. It’s what helped us get out of human mind and emotion and perception. Fractions and fairness and liberty dont exist if we cant talk about things we dont feel, and total knowledge of another person’s feelings doesnt equate with total empathy.

‘The road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom,’ and all of those extra words and approximate abstracts cant help you get to the idea itself, but they aint necessarily a waste, is my point.

So maybe God thought he’d thwarted us all at Babel but really the tower warent going nowhere, and we instead touched the Moon (and Mars [and more] ) with our confused tongues.