April 2010: Every-day consistency is a monumental challenge.

by maddrunkgenius

I really hope they come up with good artificial teeth soon. But since military injuries drive the technology, it won’t be a priority until we invade Brazil (no blood for sugar cane)

I feel like I could get so much more done if I just stopped sleeping.

Every time you think the day will be slow and easy, someone has to stumble on a human corpse decomposing in an empty field.

The sad truth is that most dogs just won’t eat the carrots you give them.

I love enough bass to set my organs shuddering & enough alcohol to set the room on edge, or even spinning.

Isn’t wonderful to feel your forehead swim or buzz with activity?

Every-day consistency is a monumental challenge.

Unfortunately, can tabs are actually pretty worthless

Hold on to your many noisy things.

I once told a friend who was leaving town, ‘I am trying to give myself enough problems that one day I may be a great man. But I think I’ll just end up some sad asshole, with problems.’

And my talent as a seer comforts me greatly.