July 2010: I wonder if I’ll ever think myself from four years earlier wasnt a complete idiot.

by maddrunkgenius

I enjoy fantasies as much as reality.

“The suspect has possession of and is concealing human blood, which constitutes evidence that the suspect committed the offense described in paragraph 4 below.” – from an affidavit for a DWI blood search warrant.

The drunk woman screams at the man unknown & not present for sins passed. (It must be Saturday.)

Things aren’t always going well, but they’re always going, and never back.

  •  (The mind creates the illusion of time otherwise known as progressive cause & effect, but memory turns it all upside down.) Oh well. It’s all part of God’s plan.

I thank God everyday that I’m white and an American.

When I’m on basic cable, I tell people I got this scar eating pineapple.

I really should remember to eat.

I try to remember that people are usually trying to do their best, and often that’s not good enough.

I don’t believe in karma, but I know we’ve all got it coming.

‘I want a gun that will blow a man’s penis off.’

Come now, let’s go. I don’t care where, but somewhere, anywhere, anyplace else but here, and be going quickly & quickly going. Motion is its own virtue & distance its own reward. (I want to kick up dust & find that good old feeling of something new.)

What then is this bleating of sheep in my ear, this lowing of cattle that I hear?

why cant i sleep

Why can gay people vote? It’s not like they have a stake in our country’s future.

She’s making a scene & walking away, crying, and as he looks at his cell phone, glowing in the twilight, he swears it means nothing (she keeps walking).

Though the head buzzes with immortality, the scalp demures with gray-haired whispers. (‘I don’t care if you’ve yet turn thirty, you’re dying, even so.’)

Poor watermelons, always getting shot.

I wonder if I’ll ever think myself from four years earlier wasnt a complete idiot.