February 2011: There is nothing unnatural we can do.

by maddrunkgenius


Rapist fails. Life is good.

There is nothing unnatural we can do. (If it is possible, it is good. If achieved, it is right.)

Oh yes, massively.

Eat shit & grin, die & bear it. Life is a miserable series of events unbroken by nothing cept endorphins.

Dive in.

What awful crackhead petals left scattered on the asphalt outside a Greek-themed Italian restaurant/sports bar on the loneliest day of lovers.

I am tired & hot & sore and staring at the ceiling because the backs of my eyelids are a view that provides no rest.

I reserve the right to be A Mad Drunk Genius and ramble & rhapsodize thru all midnite, as is my wont.

Oh dear, we’re just here, and wanting always to be someplace else, but hating when we have to go.

  • And the years, God, they gallop away.

I don’t know your name, but I know you well.