June 2011: People are a delicious stew of deliberate & unconscious

by maddrunkgenius

You fucking… ‘People.’

‘If I ever marry, it will be on a sudden impulse, as a man shoots himself. I’ll regret it bitterly for about a month, and then settle down contentedly.’ – HL Menken

——The world is a more wonderful place than you or I can every experience, dream or imagine.
——I can’t prove this, but I hope it’s true.

  • In Exodus 7:22, one has good reason to wonder where Pharaoh’a magicians found water to turn to blood if Aaron had already turned to blood the Nile & all other water in the land.
  • ——He slips his hand easily behind her, keeping just a palmy thumb to the front, and runs his hand down her side, over the hip, then lets it fall. ‘It’s better with clothes, smoother’ he thinks. ‘Skin-on-skin & it gets stuck with sweat.’ But he’ll still maneuver to get everything off her, & the tickle the top of each strand of hair on her body.

Things are made illegal so you know they’re worth doing.

  • There’s a direct relationship between how often someone uses the word ‘sheeple,’ the likelihood that that person is a huge douchebag.
  •  I’m afraid of the monster in my freezer.
  • If I had a nickel for every time I sucked a cock…

——Sometimes, or every so often, when I brush my teeth, my mouth and gums bleed.
——I should stop brushing my teeth, I suppose.

In the past 26 hours, I’ve been asleep for 20 of them. (Oh bother.)

——When I was younger, and, maybe, more stupid, I fell in love with a short Indian girl whose grandmother was 99 years old. The grandmother died, and the girl told successive boyfriends she was pregnant, whenever she felt they were about to leave her.
——But that was many years ago now.

  • The breeze on the porch is cool from the nite, then warm from the wall-mounted air-conditioner exhaust, like a blanket.
  • ——The really nice thing about books is they’re something you can gorge yourself on. You cant be healthy or hygienic or faithful in spurts, but you can be well-read as long as the manic hunger overtakes you often enough.
  • ——Lo, the morning birds chirp already.

I can’t believe I wasted a perfectly good Friday nite. I really should get started now on Saturday. I really should have started six hours ago, I mean.

The world would be simpler, certainly, if everyone were dead.

Even piecing the mirror together doesn’t let you get the seven years back. I mean, does it?

——”Ketchup or mustard with that, sir?”
——”Oh no, just malaise.”
——”OK, but that will be extra, sir.”
——”But of course.”

I keep waiting for the fuck-anything-on-two-shaven-legs libido to return, and it hasn’t. And I don’t like it. I want it, the life & vivacity, and it won’t return. WHAT A MISERABLE STATE OF AFFAIRS.

And so have found it. This mouth that wishes whisper (but in one drum in particular), ‘I love you marvelous something, cute small & unpracticed.’

ARENT YOU SO ATTRACTIVE, THO? Pierced-nosed lass that moved away not so long ago.

Sometimes the enemy is good.

——If I’m not working, I’m drinking. Sometimes I drink and work at the same time. In that case, I’m usually still productive.
——However when I fall asleep while trying to work, I begin to write about the power of cocaine, Giants, features ass, Summit Power and knowledge of boar loads.
——This is the window to my subconscious.

Someone explain to me what ‘unsurreal’ fucking means.

I think I hate that the world is as it has to be and never will be too much better, or probably even worse, except we won’t be here. If that is worse.

I would rape that bitch till her asshole & cunt were the same & one.

We can’t Decide what to like, only what to do. We can’t Change what we are, only what we think is important for defining us. (People are a delicious stew of deliberate & unconscious.)

  • That is, good sex & good conversation are hard to come by in the same person.

——’It’s spring and the flowers are rioting.’
——Fuck you, New York Times. Fuck you.

  • I’ll tell you the reason I hate her, and I don’t at all, really: she can appreciate that as well.
  • (Daww, donkey face.)


  • The next time someone says, ‘lol global warming’ when it’s a unseasonably cold, I will take a tire iron to their perineum.