You can’t heal till you admit being sick / I am a sleepy hypocrite

by maddrunkgenius


——Never pay more than it's worth.  It's always better to be pretty if you're able. A very teeny tiny lady.
For a man, it's always amazing    No, no, it was never that bad. Much smaller than you imagine.
what one woman can infect.    You can't heal till you admit being sick. Go home, not away.
——In lieu of what obviously was a  I can't stand the idea of betrayal.
——wonderful, we must re-examine our pity.  I am a sleepy hypocrite. I really do, I mean, long to write in
————When you're a stroke behind, you must play as tho a stroke ahead. workman's cursive, unornate. 
There's plenty enough reason to expect we'll do enough Fill me up with all the you
quite lovely things. you'll never want or admit to be. I hate to think I won't forget, or will.
——Don't touch me! I'm Jewish there.  I hope our pilots aint asleep at the wheel. Oh well. Oh bother.
As an incumbent, there's much to be said for loyalty. I want to see but not fuck.
——'Please don't,' she screamed in his ear, 'stop.'    her. I'd rather have pink & green.
The assault came despite growing international condemnation. All day all you could do was shit-talk.
——What security is there for us left?  Now all that's left is studious stupidity & bald ignorance.
————Mostly I preferred not to sleep. If forced by exhaustion, I enjoy it, tho, out of spite.
——Even in the sacred city, whores will not give discounts  Chicago is always in third place,
——for piety. We'll run anything if they have a credit card. or fourth.
————Be a menace, not a rebel. Avert usefulness. Don't fill your head with dead old nonsense.
       Ha ha, that's all water under the flooded bridge now.
                                         Once, I sought the treasure. But I oughtn't've.
                                              Do not hang your head; there's no shame in it.
              Nine things I said were clever, but they just heard the 10th.