November 2011: “Oh, you know,” the Messiah said. “I’ve had worse.”

by maddrunkgenius

It is not only enough, but more than enough to know that when you dig deep down inside a person, you’re already through the fellow and out the other side.

 As the raven said to the coyote, when they argued over how to divide the remains of a jackrabbit they had endeavored together to kill:

‘It’s sound logic to let me have the first bite. It would do me more good, for just a nibble to you would fill me up for days, while you’ll still be hungry again in a few hours even if you left me none at all for.’

The coyote agreed this was so, but as the raven landed to take his small share, the coyote leapt on his compatriot, ripping the poor bird’s throat out and leaving him to choke and die in the dry, whipping dust. 

‘Now I will be a little less hungry in a few hours,’ the coyote said, licking his lips from the finished hare to begin on the raven. ‘And you won’t be hungry at all.’

Such is sound logic.

Schedules, logistics, consistency. Boo boo boo.

She is so very too pretty.

It’s OK. We all need reinforcement.

The one thing I am not is stupid. But I’d take some dumb luck, if I could.

  • I hate the one who understands me most.
  • There is no place one can go inside oneself that is inviolable.
  • I will face myself tonite. And yet I prefer her. Or would.
  • My absence will be duly noted, which is all one really can hope for, you know. [Dec 2011]

Something with black skin and dark nipples.

Come on up, fat ole sun.

“I have always been of opinion that consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.” – Oscar Wilde

Life is a series of miserable disappointments
Interspersed with occasions of surprising victory
And worth continuing only so long as
The disappointments outnumber the surprises
Because it means one is still capable
Of feeling disappointment.

I drank for 11hours today, and was happy. God help me.

Something in me
Hears in a siren
The knowledge that
They know
And they’re coming to get me.

I feel like Lazarus. [after 20hrs of sleep]

48 hours, 450 miles, and a jaunt up to lands unknown where I might masturbate into bushes in an arroyo while the rest of the group explored.

I’m glad I came, all in all.

Monday looms.

Sleep two hours, wake up to drink an energy shot, then pick up laundry, go to bank, Starbucks & in to work.

I’m naked, in bed & lying with the light on as exhaustion & caffeine fight on the battlefield of my ever-stressed heart. If only I could have gotten drunk tonite.


——’I threw my back out having sex.’
——’No. I was masturbating.
——’No. I actually don’t know how I did it.’

‘But you have so much in common!’
‘I know. Isn’t it horrible?’

Information is shit
And knowledge a shitstain
Wisdom is a skidmark
Fading over time
Without knowledge’s reinforcement
Bleach, I guess, is reality television.
(Or maybe blackout drinking.)

Fertilizer spilling into the Gulf feeds phytoplankton, and fecundity. They use up oxygen and die — rot — using up more. The result is a dead zone.
There’s a lesson in this.

Please don’t laugh
When I say, 
‘I love you.’
I mean it,
And besides
It’s not your opinions
I’m paying you for.

And she scream, ‘I suck dick for money, but I swallow for fun!’ so loud the whole bar hear, even over the jukebox and whiskey-breath din.
But the ol bartender just lean forward to pour another drink & whisper, ‘Never make business your pleasure, or pleasure your business,’ and everyone hear him, too.

And the Christ and the Lord did walk in the Garden of Eden (which was very nice once they got rid of the bald monkeys who went around like they owned the place), when the serpent wriggled in front of the pair and asked how their day was.

“Oh, you know,” the Messiah said. “I’ve had worse.”

“It’s lovely weather, isn’t it?” the serpent said.

“Two million and counting,” said the Creator of all Things. “Ever since that ugly little rainstorm, I mean.”

“Of course,” the Son of Man and that old snake replied simultaneously, not meaning to.

“In any case,” God said, as put off as the rest of them, “have you seen Satan anywhere? He’s always running about, to-and-fro. I’ve never seen such a busy-body.”

“No, he doesn’t come around much anymore. Ever since, you know-” the serpent flicked its tongue a few times to feel the air. “Well, of course you do.”

“What?” Jesus asked.

“I don’t want to get into it,” God said, and the attention of the Lord of Hosts was suddenly quite consumed with digging his toe into the grass. A stag beetle barely escaped being caught underfoot.

The Savior of mankind coughed to break the prolonged silence that had so abruptly settled and asked if anyone was hungry. All parties, including himself, answered no.

“Well, I could go for some fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. How about you?”

So the son of David reached and picked one, and they all split it and quite enjoyed their meal, but then they’d realized the whole time they were all naked.

The adult male form is beyond the ken of my libido. [Dec 2011]

[Re: Lonely Deranged Penguin] Sometimes the mountains call.