Bar napkin: Remember outside, observe inside

by maddrunkgenius

An old woman in black with a blue headscarf slips on the wet sidewalk & smacks the cold concrete ground with the suddenfrightening way the elderly arent ever supposed to move, and all the conversation stops as one man rushes to her & everyone else drifts close hurried with concern & possible help offerings but hoping really not to do anything really. But she gets up(!) leaning on elbows & goes on, and the day goes on.

It’s a drenching sort of rainstorm the likes of which hasn’t been seen in Seattle in quite some time in like years because it’s actually-rain real-rain umbrella-necessitating-rain & keeps coming down. But one too well dressed too beautiful couple is walking back & forth without care — later we see them crossing Sixth Street partway at Pine, turning back & splashing their feet in the puddle at the crouching photographer, over & over & over.

The dryer exhaust blew hot even when the sun werent out.

  • The comedians werent so funny but they were trying.

Why do drunk young women ‘Yowwwww!’ so loud so often? (It is eye-clenching annoying.)

  •  The bathroom is unisex & has no door; I hope the women arent frightened of by my flaccid cock.

I cant love anything more than alcohol.

  • I cant remember walking home.