Yen yaw ken: a credo

by maddrunkgenius

Darlin, you are a beautiful & gorgeous thing, like archetype of modern American life, and it’s fabulous & fantastic ‘cept yr hangups with one fellow, which is sad & limiting & unfortunate.

To live & exert, to be lusty for everything, esp. life & chronicalling it is the chief end of (wo)man. ‘Sex is good, and people should be happy.’ Yen, yaw, ken. (yearn, deviate, understand).

You, who drink & enjoy life in your youth, who follow everything to excess till you kill yerself each night & rise again in morning squeezed out like a pressed grape but still young (Bacchanalian!) are a perfect immortal creature, for the moment that is all.

So yes, yr life is amazing entertaining inspiring to a committed loquacious alcoholic in the some similarities I suss, but not depressing. Ten years without progression will be depressing, but without contraries there can be no progression.

And what better contrary than drunk night/morning exuberance & hungover morning/afternoon shame?