A woman’s brain is the sexiest moist region of her

by maddrunkgenius

The whole world is a miserable sick sad place but we can make it better by smiles & pennies.

——It hurts to fail always but to get close & taste in whiffs like Tantalus the success & still have the result is worst yet.

If I could feel as much for my fellow man as myself I may yet be redeemed.

So here both are, of Florida. One previously, now at Microsoft for Xbox ads, the other for the Fla.-lotto. What’s the worst thing that could happen? What’s the best thing?

——’Hopefully I’ll see you again?’ ‘Serendipity & such, I’m sure.’

Her friend, who discusses how rape jokes and friendships.

——It’s all a very stupid sad expenditure to poison myself.

I hope to be able to stop right now, at least.

——Some folk in Seattle speak of ‘moving to Austin,’ see?

I do hope something good finds me.

——I keep, wondering if I’ll ever get better at this & wondering if it’s worth it.

Everything else in my life I’ve ever started, I’ve been poor at. But this is the first thing I might get fired at.

——’But it was a really nice barn.’

I wonder if I can care enough not to suck.

——A woman’s brain is the sexiest moist region of her.

He’s so [unintelligible]; he’s [unintelligible].

——I always overtip, don’t get on me for it.