Don’t be fooled

by maddrunkgenius

So this is the way of things, the always-going-to-be way of things, where people in our each & own individual realms of selfish ambition do behave without regard to anyone else tho we like to tell ourselves we are acting in that way all the time do behave.

Hey! You know what you’re up to. No one else does.

Look, look. No, not them, but you, all wondrous and shining and sweaty. I’m a sinful man, of dubious moral quality. But certain things I’d do with regularity of a metronome, and honesty is one. Trustworthiness is one.

‘You can’t trust him but for the one thing!’ a chorus of voices says.

Ah, but you can trust me for the honesty regarding the one thing, too, and that’s worthwhile in its own way, innit? I’d like to think so.

Now: the truth of human interaction is a desire to justify ourselves in relation to ourselves & everyone else. And why ever should that be an issue? It shouldn’t. As long as there is no issue from sexual interactions.

‘You want to eat your cake & have it, too,’ they all say.

But no: all I want is to eat the cake. Someone else can have it.

I’ll have all the drink to myself.