And that was when I knew everything was done with

by maddrunkgenius

We leave turf for the day, and she’s upset because she wanted to make up for the shitty prior week on her birthday, and she didnt. But we have cupcakes for the bus ride to the first bar for her 21st birthday, and that’s something, innit?

On the bus, a fellow sees her sitting in the back next to me, wearing her party hat, asks about it. Asks if she & I are together.

‘We’re coworkers,’ I say, and nothing else. Because there’s nothing else to say.

About 10 months ago, she promised someone she’d go to The White Rabbit bar in Freemont when she turned 21. This is her keeping that promise.

By accident, there’s a show that night, some sort of ‘Irish folk metal’ band, with accordion & wooden bass & two mandolins, one smaller than the other, both players looking the exact same. They warm up & I get blue balls, metaphorically.

It’s something that I cant tell apart two terribly individualistic bands but for the lack of facial hair in the second from the first.

Orthodox messianic Judaism requires a whiteboard & a few hours, the sex shop retailer explains.

He (would be shipbuilder) wants to know more about navigation, as understood by the Maori or whatever.

The bad rum isnt so bad with coke in it, tho. (Esp. after tequila shots.)

The bus ride, tea bagging, Steinbeck something; get off at downtown where there’s a bicycle police convention at Pine & Third with detectives, too. The dark office, too late for no cover, a trot to the ATM.

Some fellow at the Noc Noc dancing on the floor alone moves near the bar for more attention.

Cover is $5, but still pay for the drink & tip at least $1, advises the offwork bartender/cousin’s boyfriend.

She (tatted bartender) shows that the movie on the screen is ‘Alter Egos,’ and it is that 70s Hyde.

I cant imagine living a life w/o alcohol. Not that I ever want to.

Information doesnt want to be free, but we know better what it wants that it does.

There is nothing absolute or true, so far as we can tell.

Om, complete in the Hindu sense, but there’s no trinity, really, or at least the other two dont matter, really.

We make it to the far away place we hope they dont card, but it does card, and outside I dont understand anything, but I try to understand anyhow, and advise. (She’s 22 so she’s got no ID.)

But the last place, the last place (Clever Dunne’s), and that was where absolutely everyone showed up, and Ms. Rose was able to sneak in, and I spilt a can of Rainer trying to pour it into a glass upside down, and all sort of wonderful things happened, especially Mr. Greenish talking & gesticulating like the wonderful avatar of everything that he is.

Anyway, everything wound down into nothing, and we all were pushed out to the street and grabbed a cab and went home, and I paid for it and tipped for it, and went to get a little bit of after the clock wine using cash but had to piss so terribly bad, so terribly fucking bad, and so didnt get the condoms as I should have, and she and her friend humongous tittied Ms. Rose slept in the bed with me around 7 a.m., and later made out, and even later we all fooled around, and Ms. Rose squirted due to her fingers, and we fell asleep about 8 a.m., with me and Rose still randy.

Waking up ’round noon, I tried long to get her off with my mouth, but didnt do well enough, and Rose masturbated and fondled her, but then got bored and began to suck me off to appreciate me, and I got distracted and nearly for the first time ever nearly came from a blowjob, and she got upset and left the room, and left Rose and I together, and we didnt do anything but talk because I am a goddamned fucking idiot and still think behaving morally will lead to some fucking reward somehow, and she came back and cried about a crow that was the spirit of a dead ex and I left them alone, and then that was the end of it, because I made sure to get her off alone and Rose cleaned the whole house while I did.

And that was when I knew everything was done with.