Does the five second rule apply to Jesus?

by maddrunkgenius

I want to tell the truth unfettered.

‘It’s not what it starts as but it ends as,’ he laughs & nudges.
——We brace our teeth before they rot & crack. So too ourselves. I dont think; I am.
Adolescent male experience is conspiring to fool a boy into taking his dick out of his pants in the dark to jerk off alone on a cookie so that you can then turn the lights on & call him a faggot.
——You aint my friend, she said, just a fuckbuddy.

Just because someone really believes something doesnt mean it’s true.

The wisdom of one is unintelligible to the next & foolishness to the same on reflection.
——Life is making the most of yr unintelligibility for you & communicating it with someone else or several.
There is no muse but work, no genius but try.
——But for me, the appetizer is the entree, and every bed is a bed & breakfast.
Every way you make is yours.
——’Does the five second rule apply to Jesus?’

It’s the best thing for everyone, really.
——Why should I? Why the fuck should I?
I lived in paradise once, but could never move out of the slums.
——Eight is infinity. Every number after that is a lie.

Dont worry, dont fret. Dont bother yr head, we’ll get there yet.
——I used to be pretty, tho, I swear!
‘She has the prerequisites to underwater basket-weaving, but I don’t know if they transfer.’
——The best people in life ask, ‘Why not?’
You get what you ask for. And dont. And dont get what you ask for.
——The period moved on its own, I swear.
Some things you cant undo. Like scarification. Or fucking a midget.
——The idea is to do as you wish.
Much has been said of the yen to undo.

——The virtue of 
psychedelics is to lay bare the insubstantiality of your feelings, be they joy, certainty or depression.
It’s spring, but bitches be trippin like fall.

She has obligations to her family & some (she thinks) to her friends, but her life isnt the worst ever. She got to leave Vietnam to travel Asia, to high school in London & college in Seattle. But that’s youth: everything is the most ever.