The mind is a soup du Jour

by maddrunkgenius

——Fuck what I do & that I have to do it, & every fucking worldly thing.
A woman today said to me that infant mortality is different from
abortion because God has the right to kill the unborn & infants &
children as painfully & awfully as might be imagined, but it’s
immoral (only) when people kill 
zygotes, embryos & fetuses.
——The morality of man exceeds the morality of God because God’s
——benevolence appeals to force, only, while man’s appeals to common,
——intelligible reason. Nothing, nothing. End of all none soon enough.
There’s no devil, & there never has been. Satan is unnecessary

& the light has no one to bring it. But I’ll die away from home.
——I’m just wasting time — mine & everyone else’s.
If I enjoy life, I win. If humanity benefits my presence, it wins. If both, we both.
——Bacon, whiskey & beer — and gin! But you should see my Klout score.
Stupid, boring people. ‘I’m sorry.’ However we go, let’s make it there.
——’I don’t really ask questions I don’t want the answers to.’
There’s no such thing as an
ex-junky. ‘I like you.’ Still. Still. Still.
——’You get what you pay for,’ but the universe doesn’t recognize
——any currency.
It doesn’t matter to anyone,’ said all of the nobodies.
Women aren’t anything; women are the human race. Fuck vulgarity.
——Foolishness, inebriation, bartending, Australia. Why not just one?
‘You have no reason not to try it.’
 Don’t that just beat all.
——The world is full of brilliant, beneficial people. Of which I’m not.
Immortal immaterial that already has transcended consciousness is everything.
——Poetry is best as patterned talk. Sex is best unexamined.
A good joke works immediately & on reflection.

——The best approximation to immortality I’ll get is to
——record a handful of drunken thoughts on paper & Web
——as synecdoche of me.

——You’re so wonderfully talented. Couldn’t you have said something?
My lack of novel experience is blameable on me & no one else.
Hush, you.
——Really, I possess nothing. No girl is mine. 
It’s all for the best, is all.
Far too often I need to remind myself that she sleeps with other people as she
sees fit, seeing no harm or reason for guilty in, and allows herself to forget
I’ve asked for nothing but honesty. We have nothing at all, & owe nothing.
——How have I allowed my everything to turn & stink with decay?
Love is what’s left over when rage, fear & reason have melted away.
——’He took me bare,’ she said. ‘It was really intimate.
No, no. God, shut the fuck up.
Queer, strong, affordable: Unicorn Beer. April showers, May flowers. Pilgrims.
——My joy is in my cups, as is my malaise. I want my brain to explode, not degrade.
My joy is the malaise of my enemies. Death isn’t prayed for, but only because it’s useless.
——Rag on one hip, ring of keys on the other. Square belt buckle,
——Guns ‘N Roses T-shirt. Barback. I recommend the fried onions. Real talk.
Greasy hair, 5 o’clock shadow. Whiskey neat, a rum & coke, tall glass
of water (tap). Multiple wonderful things. Hundred million ain’t no infinite.
——Yearning is a terrible & terribly human thing to do.
I’m not trying to
I don’t want anything; I want everything.
say I’m perfect. I’m just saying that’s
——How can Happy Hour last all day (& nite)?
Why am I still sad? like the
People aren’t anything but what they are (let them be).
last fucking straw. So the question

——The Swede in the blue suede shoes showed me where the Swiss went wrong.
now is…
One can dream yet. 
People, people, people. ISNT IT ALL SO VERY SOMETHING.
——It’s not just on your birthday you get closer to death.
Infamy is salvation of the mediocre.

——Going against the grain still gets you sanded off, later.
A man who reaches beyond his station ends up better, but less happy
——I dont mourn the dead: Their ordeal is finished. Artifacts have no power.
‘Lie back & think of England,’ the boy heard the Anglican priest whisper.
——Don’t you think there was a better way to resolve this?
‘I didnt even see her. Is she at the table?’ ‘Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.’ ‘I’ll come over & say hello.’
——“I think he’s from Chechnya?” Ha ha ha.’ I cant end it fast enough.
I am too stupid & dull & pretentious & lack interest in the rest of people to ever
write anything worth someone else’s time to read. ‘I only cried a little.’
——’So what do you think of the bar now?’ The mind is a soup du Jour.
‘We all know I can’t drive stick. Ha ha.’
I turn 26 on Thursday. Christ.
——’So now you know.’ ‘Don’t know.’ Shakes head. Ents were borne (sic) of trunk, not woman.
‘It’s the Alsace-Lorraine region, but I don’t know what town.’
——’I’d like to be alive tomorrow…’ We import too much success.
Nothing is very much interesting about street-strolling folk. Out of 100,
you can guess the response of 96. I can only imagine what the hyena would say, chuckling.
——The bee-wolf can match any foe, be it Cain’s scion, a dark
——mother in black cave, or a fire-spewing, gold-smothering
——dragon. ‘How intolerable — drunk people.’ ‘Dont you think “drunk” was redundant?’
Whatever we get as our lot in life is enough, No one is allotting it.
——To teach a machine language, dont teach rules or exceptions, just frequency.
I dont feel in any way hungry till I see partway-eaten fries, left behind.
——Hating drunks is just poorly disguised self-loathing.
In math, 2 precedes the 3, but for the Metro, the opposite is true.
If you want to appeal to a final judge, I’m sorry to tell you there’s no hearing.

There’s a platform, with a strip of anomaly down the center
that brings many who believe in miracle & paradise to it.
They swirl around & around & around and finally inside & gone
to this universe forever.

I didnt try very hard with the stripper, in part because I couldnt think of her as anything but a stripper.

(I’m sorry. I ought to have appreciated how interesting you are on its own merits.)