‘Are you writing a novel?’ / ‘No, it’s more an insipid.’

by maddrunkgenius

——What’s done is done. What’s not wont be again.
I’m sore & tired, everything about me is.
I have no desire for ambition.
——I’m not worried about going to work, just going out to work.
The days still feel long, but they disappear quickly. Quicker.

——Every day I suffer the same stupid, boring people. Blink twice if
One day, this’ll all be behind us. That day is tomorrow. you want to die.
——No imagination, no insight, no… Way to go, you obscene clown.
She couldn’t shake my hand. Religion. She of Mecca. FUCK NEEDLESS VULVA.
——‘I’m here another year, till my lease is up. But I still want to leave.’
I drink beer when I’m hungry, don’t you think? I have a fear of needles.
——‘Are you writing a novel?’ ‘No, it’s more an insipid.’ Opium gives courage.
A fucking useless piece of shit with delusions of grandeur & pretensions of intelligence.
——I’ll be dead soon enough. Suicide isn’t depression; it’s impatience. Sit down. Love it.
The upstart magician was so fantastic at his craft, only the keenest of his 24 ——
impostor rivals could discern what he did was fey, not illusion. Is that yours?
——What’s the sin of insinuation?
You can’t make me happy. Anymore.
The trick: conviction.
I want you to save me from the world. But you’re just part of it.
——The cyclops sat, stripping the ligament from the bone & musing, ‘Why do
——men scream where sheep bleat?’ God said, ‘Kill them all.’
Comb your hair, oil your skin that it may shine, for a corpse has
but one chance to be beautiful.
I am all knots & agitation.
——He 40; she 24 — man & woman, husband, wife. Please just leave. Please.
‘Happy early birthday,’ the bank teller smiled. I’ve evolved. I was your quintessential
——I helped the Montanans find some weed, is all. goody two-shoes, straight-A student where
All I can do is fail or feel OK. That’s it. I was obsessed with grades. But somehow I still had friends.
——’Sweet Jesus’ is only accurate if you take communion with cookies.

How many times have I said to myself, ‘It was better then,’
never bothering to really examine how I felt at the time (about it)?
——My mind is just the brain I have, & the chemical composition of it.
All alternative medicine is bullshit.
——There’s no certainty in life, but there is in math.
I’m too stupid for math & computer science, but I’m fond of them.
——Half his face was gone & yet he seemed take no notice or pause,
——even to wipe the drink from his chest where it dribbled down.
A rose by another name might smell as sweet, but cheese & vomit
we confuse based on expectation.
——I’m less worried I’m done with my job than I am that I’m done with life.
I used to think everyone was interesting for the first five minutes.
——Please let me down gently.
If asked what I’m writing, invariably I react with hostility.

Hope is all we have. And it’s groundless.
——I’m going to go home alone tonite. Is this acceptable?
Police protect & serve, so when they do the opposite, there should be no blame.
——How much longer do you think will (sic) continue to go on this way?
No. Just no.
——Plan for the end of the world. It’s coming. But too slowly.