A May Day, working & after (1)

by maddrunkgenius

Humphrey Bogart said, ‘The whole world is three drinks behind.’ The maggots become you dear.
——Frank Sinatra ‘craved class the way a junkie craves a needle.’ Home is gone already.
Rat Pack rules: ‘one had to be addicted to nonconformity, staying up late, drinking
laughing and not caring what anybody said or thought about us.’ Cry about it, why don’t you?
——Bogart ‘preferred staying in to going out. He also preferred sailing to being on land, and
——drinking to not drinking.’ ‘But it’s true. You’re the devil.’ Truth isn’t enough.
menefreghismo – not a single fuck is given. I’m sorry; there’s just nothing to be done.

——It’s enough to let the leash loose & see how long the bull survives. Back to work.
I was 15, counting the days I went without jerking off. At 26, it’s the days I’ve gone without
drinking. A week is a marvel, either way. We make them choose one to strangle before we give
——Thoughts are illusive (sic). any food. It’s the only way to stave off the boredom.
I had some novel turn of phrase escape me, a play on a cliche. There is no king, there
——Sobriety is one chemical composition, only. are no priests, nor judges. Just people.
The retired-boxer/computer programmer moved from NYC to Seattle but
when did he convert to Islam? Humiliation: a hatred that others acknowledge your shame.
——Isnt it sad that wolves no longer have an alpha male or bitch?

Group Health isnt so healthy, but it’s more the system’s fault. The semi-pro women’s b-ball.
——Augmented Reality Games are the present & the future. Existence will have a
——deeper level. Survival is its own end. But not an especially good one.
It’s the Bosnian programmer’s prerogative. (Erm, she was program manager.)
——’Not today.’ ‘Yes, but today was tomorrow yesterday.’ Fire, fire, fire, fire.
‘History doesnt repeat itself so much as have Tourette’s.’ spinning up from downy
——’I want to see & understand the world outside.’ ash. I dont remember it.

It’s telling that ‘incorrect’ isnt a synonym for ‘heretic.’ Sometimes it’s just human.
——The cannibal kings of New York ate well on that day, & many after. Monoculture but
There’s no sin in loving you, but then, there’s no sin in anything. stereophonic.