A May Day, working & after (2)

by maddrunkgenius

————How are we doing? What did you
——Being great is difficult. do before you
————Do what you do well. came to be here?
——Catch me if you can. Ocean of flesh.
Nothing doing, nothing done. Do what needs
——Willpower is a myth but to be done And
——a useful one. Snapshot what doesnt.
When you’re honest, it’s horrid. This is enough.
——Lucy is an idea & ‘Mother — hold me.’
——that’s all. My mind is untidy. He’s honest.
We communicate in narratives Warg, fey thing
but they dont exist. Kind boy. Faerie, queen.
——My wrist is mushy agony. Good of you.
By whatever means unnecessary. You always
——Come home, come home, it’s time. remember
————Beautiful, serene. But not egregious. your
——Dorothy, didnt you know? first. King, noble.
Survival is everything in poverty. Every time
——I’m not good enough, is all it is. you look
‘I thought it was over.’ ‘It is.’ for more, you
——Awe doesnt last long when the find it
——senses are subjected to the same
——stimulus. The crown fits tightly. He over came
Lord, why do you ignore my pleas? didnt he?

Of course the real problem is my dearth of new ideas & only secondarily a lack of new words. But I fret about the limited vocabulary.

You’re silly, dad. That off-putting impression.
——The odds arent good. But I aint
——agin’ it. Undulations on every side.
My father did his best.
——’I apologize my intentions were untoward.’
The curse is an honor, she said.
——Stupid, stupid, inconsiderate.
He was; she wasnt. That’s all. Drink in her
——Ace, the friendly one.  scares me.
Cartoon drama causes my ears to I’m going
well with tears. to end up in prison someday.
——The world needs an answer. Probably.
The idea of desire is just a short hand
for chemical reactions.
——We’ve all got a lot to answer
——for, and no one to ask of us.
I consume media.

——It’s the charm offensive.
Audrey Hepburn is a real woman.
——Your trust has been misplaced.
Skull-tight face skin.
——’They’re new &…excitable.’
——Everyone saw that you’re all the same.
The tightening of the screw.

A British hero solves conflict with wit;
American with metal & sinew.
——We havent done what we had promised.
‘Psychopaths get bored, Lucy.’