A May Day, working & after (3)

by maddrunkgenius

——This was a world of magic & imagination
——once. I did it. I saved the house. From fleas.
My bravery is undermined by my proclivity
to vomit. Tyranny only occasionally is the government.
——’It’s a great opportunity!’ he said. ‘But you’re
——not even going,’ she frowned. ‘It’s a great
——opportunity,’ he explained. Getting the job done is victory.
Discuss your limitations openly with well-founded
paranoia. It isnt the outside, it’s just me.
——I dont know enough to know how much I
——dont know. Whatever stupid nonsense, this all.
In the future, more men will be wearing dresses.
——Old adage about joints & wrinkles. Everything
His complexion’s very nice — beard, skin & all. ends.
——I’m starting to no longer be attracted to her.
————’It’s amazing that people still think pyramid
————schemes will work.’ A rotten bit of skin.
————They do work, just not for the suckers. And
————everyone thinks they’re smart, savvy & clever,
————not a sucker.’ The stench of flowery rot.
The world is a genetic pyramid scheme.
——Shade is organic.
‘We’re all just shadows casting shadows.’
——’What do you mean, “I want to fuck your wife”?’
I dont understand how anyone can stand to be around
me. I’m around me all the time, and I can only stand
it because I’m drunk half the time.
——Tell me: do you want to do more with your life?
‘What would make you happy?’ Grudge holder.
——They’re playing quarters at the bar.
——I wish I was invited.
In the red light, there are no distinctions.
——’It’s only a quadropus.’
————Crossed legs, folded under, deny entry.
——Lift your head with pride, & smile.
Get naked to get clean.
——Showers are a guy thing.
Bitches, spraying stink juice.
——The Bible is a gorgeous fraud, of course.
Lesbian pimps are more understanding.
——The Horned God claims all.