‘There’s no law against selling mastodon tusks.’

by maddrunkgenius

——The debate, the debate.
The rivulets of ice-water running down what they’ve cut thru.
——Rocky & dark, light brown silt, green brush that looks like algae.
‘That was completely covered 60 years ago—with ice.’
——Water deep blue. Ice floes bluer still.
’60 years ago those glaciers met. You couldnt see that island.’
——Right at the water’s edge, the white stain of tide pulled work.
‘Gives Al Gore something to do.’
——’Most of them are on subsidy for their electricity. When
——I pay my bill, there’s a place to check off whether you’d
——like to donate to them. I never check it.’ ‘No one’s donating
——to you.’
On top of the hill, a melted marshmallow snow, in sun, with cloud.
——Silt water, clear water, blue ice, blue […].

——My nightmares, proofreading errors.
‘All your work is just a drop in the
bucket.’ ‘We’re in the business
of making ripples.’
——The last one is the lightning bug.
If only we could be like
the sloth & live forever

Geology, geology — the pain I feel is seeing only colors
& shapes in the rocks, not the [literature] of time.
——People still talking, but many not bothering the moment to.
The glacier, like a rushing torrent stopped suddenly by Superman’s breath,
fills the space between the two hillsides. Pieces large & less large but not
small float all in front of it.
——Even the bartender turns to look out the windows at everything.
‘Gee, it’s quiet up here,’ he booms.
——’The camera’s smarter than I am,’ the white-bearded man grunts, belt
——cutting his torso’s roundness in half. ‘I need a six year old.’
Every time the motors [shift, shake] & strain with effort, I wonder
how cold the water feels,
——Some part of me marvels at the human race for managing to kill
——these frozen bulldozers. ‘Look at all the rock, just going to waste here.’
‘There’s no law against selling mastodon tusks.’

——’I didnt expect it to be so blue. I bet
——it’s wet, too.’
The cruise ship’s wake is large & for part, fills
the fjord. But the current swallows it up before it leaves
our sight. And the ocean doesnt notice or care.
——On balance, the earth takes no more notice of the tornado
——than it did of the butterfly flapping its wings.
It’s pretty much all new-born rock, 30 to 40 years old.
——The naturalist sounds like Mitt Romney as a transwoman.
She talks about God, too. (They know who buys cruise tickets.)
——The one who brought you ought say more hellos.
Some came 120 years ago & it’s amazing. But some came 20,000
years ago & that’s more amazing.
——’That’s just it—you blink & you miss it,’ the woman said of
——the glacier calving. Glacier echoed the same to the woman.
The trees are happy on a small island in a land of ice. And yet
some will say there’s a God who made the world with us in mind.
——The water falls down the rocks almost too slow it looks
——to my eyes, perhaps working temporarily at the wrong
——amount of frames per second.
In the future, I hope psy mushrooms are offered so that the
human mind can really understand these sights or feel like
we do. ‘Kind of makes you feel small, huh?’
——Gravity pulls down everything.
‘This will be deducted from your time in paradise,’ but
there is no paradise. Only the stillborn can avoid hell.