Am I still open-minded enough for revealed truth?

by maddrunkgenius

——I despise the need in others [that]
——I know I feel.
I desire the chemical configuration
of others’ applause centers above
all things.
——I do my best to admit
——the things I dont know
————And admit new things I didnt know
————into my worldview quickly, I hope.
Michael Jackson made ‘Thriller,’ for Chrissake.
‘Who cares what else he did?’ asks posterity.
——’escape completely’
There is no escape. ‘No exit.’
——Why am I so enraged to
——not have my whole tab
——hidden & presented at the end
——rather than honestly piecemeal?

Lights dance on the floor in very simple
pattern I call random out of human egoism.
——Green pixelated waves kiss about the squares as
——if with some deep purpose they havent at all.

Virginity is a dribble of pus stretching ever longer
in need of wiping off.
——Lima, Peru. I’ll never go, but I’ve met someone
——from it. Is this sufficient for my defense?
All my tote bags rip b/c knowledge is heavy & I am cheap.
——One day, thoughts will be proprietary government data &
——I’ll be beheaded.
Once I bought a round of Aussies a shot for [sic]

I’m wobbly but at least I’ve something
to lean on.

——What a sad impotent predator am I.
A short jaunt for you, but who knows how long for
me or anyone else?

Am I still open-minded enough for revealed truth?
I confess no, likely not.

‘If you’re happy & would prefer stay that way, why
should I chance any diminishment of your happiness?’
——Quite egotistical self-censorship, isnt it?
Still, I regret not having a Bible nearby to read or

I’m gone, insensible, ridiculous, yet
still considering myself right.
How terribly stupid.