Humanity is a perversely well-beloved pustule

by maddrunkgenius

——I like the ones who just say, ‘OK.’
Remember being just tall enough to touch things, finally?
——I dont think I’m jealous. It’s just the delay.

The junkie with dark skin & bright eyes & all else is still alive in there.
So she recruited him.
——Flip flops thrown away by mistake. New sandals make up for it.
Finger massage makes good handjob.
——The cardboard sign b/c the driver is new & GPS bad.
Queues, queues, queues, queues, lines upon lines of people.
——The bed for me is hidden in the ceiling.

——’ “I’m on a boat.’ ” ‘I don’t think you should sing the rest.’
She spills every cup. It’s amazing.
——’Can I buy a photo of another family?’ ‘Sure.’
————At the top of the Skywalker Nightclub, I feel drunk
————before I start. ‘Up high, it vobbles,’ Marko explains.
He mistook the humming of his liver at work for
the voice of God.
——Humanity is a perversely well-beloved pustule on
——the face of God that’s appreciated for ripening &
—— soon bursting open in  cysty self-destruction.

——I coveted the bartender’s blue Pilot G2 pen
——& was rebuffed.
The band is old bearded men playing skillfully in a small part of Alaska.
——I dont know why I take such pains to clarify, ‘Texas by way of Seattle.’
‘I traveled the world but saw only the inside of bars.’
——’Did I offend you?’ I wonder & will likely ask inebriated. (I did.)

Despite music & pyrotechniques(sp?), there are more servers
here than people to serve (just myself) so the absurdity
inherent in the endeavor isnt just present but unavoidable.
——’Girls just want to have fun,’ but none are
——available to confirm.
I went to Juneau to drink, came back to
the ship & continued. How strange how
normal it can actually feel.

Good music need not make your head swell
to make your chest thump.
——’What are you writing?’
——’The prayer book of 1,000 years from now.’
‘What are you drinking?’
‘An espresso.’
‘Is that all you drink?’
‘I drink alcohol, too.’
——‘I didn’t come to bring piece but the whole.’
‘Do you want to dance?’
‘No. But I dont think your feet can, presently.’
‘They can’t. That was just a screening question.’
‘Did I pass?’
‘Well, sort of. You seem interesting.’
——’Are you here with a group?’
——’No. I’m lucky to be able to stand myself.’

‘I’m not an alcoholic; I’m a writer.’
——I come from a land hot, dry & flat. I’ll not die
‘Samantha, I’ve failed you.’ A form letter.
——My rod & cones are insufficient for the universe.
——But beauty is sufficient for me.
I take more joy in one small piece of new information than
any performance, any gift, any promise.
——When I take survey of my present
——circumstances & prospects, why shouldnt
——I desire sabotage my organs?
I needed the blue pen badly, tho.