Marriage is a desire to do life with someone else.

by maddrunkgenius

——To wish things arent as they are
——is a useless & unfulfilling thing.
He is 14 & precocious, so it’s cute.
But his sister is not precocious & what
she does in front of him is not so cute.
——The best of the young fathers has no
——children but has uncled three generations.
I have a perverse sense of obligation when
it comes to stated contract.

——I think I am good enough not to upset a happy matrimony.
He wasnt funny enough to make me stay.
——I went to bed a good man. Good enough, in how I define it.
She did not love Ambercrombie & Fitch’s corporate policy.
——Marriage is a desire to do life with someone else

——Alcohol is life beautiful & ugly,
——stripped bare & veneer.
——Alcohol is life; it’s all there is
——but multiplied, exaggerated, simplified.
Drunkenness is more attractive to men because men are predators &
the inebriated are the sick, the slow
old & injured in the pack that running
toward night’s end.

——If we’re even slightly happy now
——we’ll later remember it as

——If we were all children
——again & could see ourselves
——as we are now we would
——be frightened or horrified or
——try end ourselves before the
——terrible vision of reality came
——to pass.
And words are just words
Nothing but letters place together.

Being an adult is to
pretend things are not
as they are &
the things that are
are admirable. 

——And dinosaur facepaint, and threats to be
——stabbed, despite having relinquished my ID. 
One kiss is all you get.