A tale cautionary

by maddrunkgenius

We can make decisions drunk because they’re decisive, and we can live with them because once we’ve committed to them & they’re too irrevocable to revoke, we justify why indeed this is the best of all possible worlds or whatever, and all of a sudden, it’s all sort of OK.

It’s very stupid, but it’s true. You get the courage at the bottom of the bottle or glass or whatnot so that you don’t feel apprehensive about the thing you’ve been putting off & known you ought do but haven’t because of procrastination or base cowardice.

I don ‘t rightly or wrongly know. But I do think it’s as stupid as it is necessary, and that’s alcohol summed up as best as  I can.  It gives you an excuse to yourself to do whatever you want to do, and besieges, often fatally, whatever you think you think you want to do.

Life, life, life.

Drinking at a bar, a club. Enjoying a drunk, or not enjoying it. But thinking & writing because one day you’ll be dead, and this all you’re experiencing (blacked out?) ought to be of use to some future organism, even as a tale cautionary.