It’s like nostalgia except I’m living it.

by maddrunkgenius

The long stone stairway of myth, of legend, but really surrounded by
city. And there under the tongue till it disappears.
——’ “Oregon Holocaust Memorial.” The bathrooms?’
Rose Garden, enjoyed in our slender rainbow while the bees are keen to
what the flowers mean.
——Picture taking, to prove we were there.
Little daughters in galoshes dont want to take the easy down the amphitheater.
——The hedges are walls natural acoustic. It’s a lot to take in all at once.
‘When you’re a child, a year is forever.’ ‘Shit, a week is forever.’
——’You’ve come a long way in a year. But not as long they have,’ he points.
Legs have many [sic].
——’He’s so upset right now. And he’s never going to remember.’
——’Maybe that’s why we’re unhappy. Because we remember why. Even
——after it can hurt us.’
‘By the way, my name is Monica,’ she says to her younger friend, returning to mother.
‘You want to tell her your name, Katie?’
‘Be polite. “It’s nice to meet you.” ‘
‘I’m Kay-tee. It’s nice to meet you.’
Looking for a wedding — found one. Pretty swirling dress
but the smaller boy in the white tux is in tears.
——Everything feels immense to me. But it isn’t to anyone else.

The trains mark the time.

——So much important stuff is happening. And
——I’m missing it.
I cant remember what to remember this as.
——There’s a lot of this. <—weird internal dialogue

——My mind goes back & forth a lot. [messy]
——My mind goes back & forth a lot. [neat]
———’Everything I do right now is important.’
He adds the quotation marks.

I’ll never remember where all the
written thoughts come from or where they
were going.
——But everything I do right now is
——amazing. It doesnt matter getting ahold of
——it is trying to wrestle it one way or the
——other. Just the journey the destination.

‘We can do that b/c it’s not obscene.’

——Everything I think just rebounds itself within
——my skull, as echoes.
And this should be taken as meaningful (?)

——Well, everything is so well, it’s swell.
The tiny dog with the really big branch was
very impressive.

——’If you go to the website, that’s like a
——dine & dash.’
Cyborg canvasser is still a really good idea.
——Flouncy is a good word.
Spiders are much better behind some
glass. But red is a delightful color.

——It’s sometimes nice to be cloaked in a
——coat of whiskey.
[V—–] is the best person to go on a trip with.
—— How wonderful to know &
——not wonder why you know.
‘The  inside’s on the outside.’ A reflection.
——It’s like nostalgia except I’m living it.