The Vital 5 Review – A September drunk

by maddrunkgenius

——Stranger things have happened than It’s cute,
——a man ejaculating ants, you know. isn’t it?
If you cut him, he’d bleed money.’ This chemical response.
Psychedelic mayflies, bursting, soaring, withering,
 Art is an end to itself. Nothing ever ends.
——Buzzfeed is the embodiment of <ol></ol>. But it will.
I finally fixed my finances after my fiance fired my former
friend from the flamingo farm. A colossus of modes.
——Slimy visceral-seeming slit that draws the eye &
——justifications toward it.
Piss trickle on my pancake’s treacle.
Going home is routine. But going back home
is failure.
‘Live free or die,’ read the suicide note.
——Life is a horrible complex subjectivity, but
——all anyone wants is a set of numbers to
——keep score.
‘God is mercy,’ whispered lion to lamb.
She was the most beautiful woman he ever saw give birth
to a pile of razor blades. ‘God loves ugly.’
——‘Arent you tired of sex with passed-out people?’
‘It’s not rape if they cum in the morning.’ ‘Nothing is ugly.’
——If the desert, in its extremes of heat & cold & drought,
——distracts from inward perception & defines existence
——in itself, maybe Pacific Northwest purgatory
——sameness smothers the starkness even of desert
——religions, leaving room for introspective existentialism.
It’s weird that anal sex can be hot but a chick
farting on your dick while spooning is gross.
‘Why are you doing this?’ asked the domino, falling.
——————You have to destroy in a way that’s beautiful.
‘A snake bit my cock! Get the poison out,’ isnt the (Editing.)
most successful pickup line, but it’s (also) unfortunate
when true.
Seattle is the end of the continental United States.
————And the last place of worth to run away to.
————————She remembered her dreams so they said
————————she had Multiple Personality Disorder.